eQuick - FEI Compliant Fetlock Boots 2021

Posted on February 17 2021

eQuick Boots

 eQuick FEI approved fetlock boots

The following British Showjumping classes require a 'Young Horse' Boot: 

  • All Pony Competitions
  • Children on Horses
  • Senior British Novice Second Rounds and Finals
  • Senior Discovery Second Rounds and Finals
  • Senior Newcomers Second Rounds and Finals
  • Senior Foxhunter Second Rounds and Finals
  • Talent Seekers Qualifiers and Finals
  • All Horse and Pony Age Classes
  • All Amateur Classes
  • All Just For School and Club Competitions



*These guidelines were published in January 2021. Please be sure to check your FEI or BS rule book for amendments. 

Note that it is always your responsibility to check that you wear the correct boots, this post is intended for guidance only. 

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