The Best Veredus Tendon Boot; Kevlar® vs Carbon Gel Vento

Posted on March 01 2021

Best Veredus Tendon Boots Kevlar vs Carbon Gel Vento


Veredus Tendon boots run in two top of the range lines, the Carbon Gel Vento and the Kevlar Gel Vento, but which is the best?


Key Features

The Veredus Carbon Gel Vento is the market leading tendon boot and is top of most people’s jumping boot wish list. It features Carbon Fibre reinforced strike zones, Verdus’ unique double ventilation system and a gel lining to absorb impact. Tick. Tick. Tick.

More recently, Veredus introduced the Kevlar® Gel Vento Tendon Boot. This boot has all of the same bells and whistles but with a Kevlar reinforcement in the strike zone, in place of the Carbon.

Also worth knowing:
  • Quick Tip elastic closure, which Veredus say ensures a better fit and freedom of movement than Velcro.
  • Matching Fetlock Boots and Young Jump Boots (note that Veredus Young Jumps have fewer features but match either the Carbon or the Kevlar).
  • Available in black or brown
  • ‘Save the Sheep’ option for sensitive horses.
  • Both boots are lightweight at around 235g a boot (less than your average running trainer).
  • Both tendon boots are priced at £182.50 RRP (as of Feb 2021).


The Differences; Kevlar® vs Carbon Fibre

Both materials are incredibly strong and lightweight. Carbon Fibre is most known for its use in the automotive industry while Kevlar® is famous for its use in bulletproof vests.

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, Carbon Fibre is slightly stronger, but Kevlar is slightly lighter. Ultimately their strength to weight ratio is very similar.

Carbon Fibre’s slight disadvantage is that it is extremely stiff, making it more brittle. Kevlar is also more resistant to fatigue, although this will not matter as both materials will almost certainly outlast the rest of the boot.


So which is the Best Veredus Tendon Boot?

Veredus does not supply specific data about the strength of the Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boot compared to the Kevlar® Gel Vento Tendon Boot. Carbon should theoretically be stronger but more likely to fail completely if struck with enough force. In reality, both Kevlar® and Carbon Fibre are so extraordinarily strong that it is unlikely to matter.

All you need to decide is which design you prefer. The Carbon Gel Vento is branded with silver and blue finishes. The Kevlar Gel Vento is immediately evident by its gold detailing.

No matter your choice, Veredus Kevlar® Gel Vento or Veredus Carbon Gel Vento, your horse will be receiving the very best in tendon boot protection.



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