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Zandona Carbon Air Cross Country Boots - Front Pair

Zandona Carbon Air X-Country boots have a patent pending, anatomic structure offering 360 degree fetlock protection.

The Carbon Air X-Country is reinforced with lightweight carbon fibre to provide strike protection to the front of the leg and the tendons.

Triple layer construction includes EVAtrex and Gel-Tech for excellent shock absorption.

Seem-free lining to prevent rubbing.

Breathability is maintained through air vents and the perforated lining.

Zandona have tested the Carbon Air X-Country in the most difficult conditions. Two wide, non-elastic straps provide an accurate fit and are secured firmly in place by a single large Velcro locking flap. This also serves to keep mud and debris out.

The closure flap is finished with a durable rubberised tab to allow easy removal.

Zandona Carbon Air X-Country boots are completely water resistant.

100% made in Italy.

Easy to clean.

Supplied in a smart Zandona box.

*Our note on Zandona Carbon Air X-Country Boot:

This is a technical boot that will provide a very high level of protection, including strike defence for the tendons and a full encasement for the fetlock. The padded inner conforms to the structures of your horse’s limb which will help to stabilize the boot. 

The closure is definitely more secure than other cross country boots; we think you’ll be confident enough to ditch the electrical tape! 

The only compromise is that these weigh a little more than the minimalist design of the Veredus E-Vento, which is the alternative for a top-priced boot. 

The Zandona Carbon Air X-Country is the only premium event boot that caters for a size small. This is especially important as event boots that are even slightly too big will be much more likely to spin and slip.