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EQU StreamZ Magnetic Bands for Horses provide a unique alternative to traditional magnetic therapy bands. They are an effective complementary therapy to support recovery from injury and freedom of movement.  

EQU StreamZ use a new ‘360 degree magnetic resonance technology’ to create a spinning magnetic field, rather than a pulse. The biggest advantage to this, EQU StreamZ claim, is that the spinning action does not create heat, meaning that their bands are suitable for use immediately after exercise and can also be left on your horse for prolonged periods. EQU StreamZ magnetic bands are great to use for recuperation, stabling and even turnout. The neoprene design fits snuggly around the horse’s leg and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, the longer the better!

EQU StreamZ are supplied as a pair of easily adjustable bands (up to 35cm circumference). Each magnetic band should be placed around the fetlock/pastern leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the horse’s skin.

StreamZ offer a complementary form of treatment and should not to be used as a replacement to any professionally diagnosed medications or treatments


Care and use of your EQU StreamZ:

Avoid close contact with other magnetic products (both on horse and in your tack room) as this could damage the EQU StreamZ’ 360 magnetic field.

Cleaning: To keep the bands as long as possible it is advised that they are washed every couple of weeks. Simply remove the StreamZ silicone strips from the open end of the bands (the end next to fastening tongue) and wash in a machine under 40ºc on hand washing setting and place the strips somewhere safe. Hand/pat dry and slide the StreamZ strips back into the bands, with the ridges/lines on the StreamZ strip facing away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin).

EQU StreamZ bands are developed to be used in recovery, not whilst in active use such as hacking or competing. They can be left on in light exercise.

Suitable for use on wet legs.

The EQU bands should be completely removed or worn above the fetlock in soft ground conditions both to allow them to work and to avoid mud damage.

ABOVE Fetlock – use when turned out in soft ground conditions or whilst in light work.

BELOW Fetlock – use below fetlock (around the pastern) when stabled. This recommendation is because the artery is slightly closer to the outside of the skin under the fetlock joint.

For a whole body benefit, horses can be turned out with the bands placed on the near fore and off hind legs.

Some white haired horses may find the neoprene too sensitive to place against the skin; if this is a known issue then a few layers of vet wrap/bandage can be placed around the leg before the bands are fitted. If you notice any discolouration on the skin within the first 24hrs then remove the bands as this is the first indication of an irritation.  

Your bands are protected by 12 month warranty with StreamZ Global Limited. Please contact them directly with any problems and include proof of purchase (do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding yours).