Jin Dressage Stirrup

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The Jin Dressage Stirrup from JS-Italia has been developed with professional dressage riders to offer maximum stability and support, with a beautiful finish and the option of real Swarovski crystals.
Jin Dressage Stirrups draw on the patented design of the Jin Anatomic Stirrup. Its ergonomic shape provides stability and helps to maintain correct posture and leg position. The Jin Dressage Stirrup is equipped with two individual foot benches, one for the left foot and one for the right, in order to ensure perfect anatomical support. While the Anatomic Stirrup is designed to offer maximum area and grip for jumping, the Dressage Stirrup has a slightly narrower foot bench for elegance.
The weight of the Jin Dressage Stirrup has been increased to 520g each, shifting the centre of gravity further down, as requested by the most demanding dressage rider.
Jin Dressage Stirrups are available in a traditional aluminium finish or with a black stirrup arch. The colour is obtained through an anodic oxidation process that ensures a beautiful and hard wearing finish that will not chip or fade. Both options are available with real Swarovski crystals for a touch of glamour.
All JS-Italia products are made in Italy using the highest quality, lightweight materials and expert manufacture.
Your Jin Dressage Stirrups are guaranteed with a two year warranty.
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 520g
Tread size: 122mm x 55mm