JS-Italia Carbon Design Helmet

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JS-Italia Fibreglass Helmet - Design Carbon Look

Make a statement in the JS Carbon Look Helmet. These can be finished with matt black, shiny black or silver details, contact DiClass for customisations. 

  • Featuring the Icona patent, JS Helmets are designed to surpass safety standards by a margin of 30%
  • The only peaked helmet in Europe made from fibreglass for superior strength and impact absorption
  • Incredibly lightweight and comfortable
  • Highly ventilated for breathability. JS’s intelligent air vent placement has been developed to preserve shell integrity and prevent penetration
  • Real leather harness with easy release safety clasp recognised by paramedics
  • Designed and made in Italy by expert craftsmen
  • Interchangeable, washable liner
  • 5 global safety certificates issued by relevant authorities.

JS Helmets are produced following the highest safety standards in the world with composite glass and Kevlar fibres for greater protection and resistance. The shell is lined with a soft polystyrene to efficiently absorb shock, assimilating more energy and reducing impact.

Safety standards are limited to ‘drop’ tests that measure vertical impacts. In development, JS also analysed the dangers associated with real life accidents. JS Helmets are designed to slide over surfaces and objects in order to diminish as much as possible the kinetic energy associated with impact.

The interchangeable and washable interior liner pad is produced in all sizes 52 to 62 to ensure a perfect fit.

Certifications: PAS 015 2011 - KITEMARK - VG1 01.040 2014-12 - ASTM - SEI