Veredus Boots

Veredus Boots

Veredus boots have led the way in jumping boots since their inception in the 1990s. When we formed DiClass, Veredus was an obvious must have brand.

Veredus boots are made in Italy with meticulous attention to raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. They are especially renowned for their excellent fit. Key to Veredus’ success is collaboration with professional riders who are involved in the design and testing phase, thus guaranteeing total reliability of their products.

Among the Veredus boot range are the most sought after tendon boots on the market, the Carbon Gel Vento, and the alternative gold-styled Kevlar Gel Vento which we have chosen to stock in preference to the older Grand Slam. These boots are available in black or brown, with or without the Veredus Save the Sheep faux sheepskin lining.

Veredus Fetlock Boots include matching boots for their full range of tendon boots, additional Pro Jump active fit fetlock boots, and the Young Jump which is suitable for affiliated ‘Young Horse’ horse classes.

The ‘TR’ prefix denotes Veredus’ training range. This include the TR Pro tendon boot and matching fetlock boot, their most simple jumping boots, and the TRC Vento Brushing Boots which are an absolute top of the market brushing boot. For flatwork, the new Absolute Dressage has been designed in collaboration with Isabel Worth to provide both protection and support. They look great with the Safety Bell Light, an incredibly soft and lightweight overreach boot. 

The Veredus E-Vento is one of the most popular cross country boots on the market. As with all Veredus boots, they are known for their excellent fit, providing lightweight protection that does not slip or spin.

Veredus also supply a range of magnetic boots for horses. This includes a basic pastern wrap which is an affordable way to help support you horse’s mobility, as well as more specialist stable boots and their magnetic hock boot.