Zandona boots are extremely popular in Europe but not readily available in the UK. We felt that should change. Zandona offer a great range of quality boots, more sizing options than other brands and we love their edgy modern design. You’ll notice them on riders such as Laura Kraut and Andrew Hoy, and they are one of the most popular boot brands on the Longines Global Champions Tour.

Zandona boots are designed, certified and produced in Italy. Established in 1985, Zandona are experts in the development of plastics technology for protective equipment. They began developing horse boots in 2005, working with professional riders and external technicians in order to ensure quality, performance, style and comfort. The experience gained over time allows the company to offer innovative products, high in quality and covered by functional design.

Zandona are uniquely skilled at producing custom moulds, allowing them to supply a greater range of sizes for a perfect fit. You will find that their XL sizes a little larger than a Veredus L. Zandona are also the only premium boot manufacturer to make a Pony Tendon Boot.

You will find a range of Zandona’s most popular jumping boots and brushing boots here. A special mention should also go to the Carbon Air X-Country Boot, our most protective cross country boot, and the Carbon Air Hell, our most protective overreach boot.

You can view Zandona's FEI approved fetlock boots here.