Catago FIR-Tech Bell Boots

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Catago FIR-Tech Therapy Overreach Boots

The Catago FIR-Tech Overreach Boots have a luxury carbon-look outer shell which consists of strong Neoprene for excellent protection.

The inner lining is infused with FIR-Tech ceramic particles which increase blood flow and circulation for health and well-being.

They close with a tough touch-tape Velcro tab for easy fitting and removal and have a comfortable top strip to reduce rubbing.

Part of the Catago FIR-Tech range designed to support circulation, warm-up and recovery. FIR-tech is short for Far Infrared Rays Technology. All Catago FIR-Tech healing products are lined with a multifunctional Far Infrared Polyester fabric. In the production process of the FIR-Tech fabric a special ceramic powder is added to the melting polyester, creating a fusion of the materials. The Catago FIR-Tech fabric contains 70% ceramic powder.