Catago FIR-Tech Hock Boots

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Catago FIR-Tech Therapy Hock Boots - Pair

The Catago FIR-Tech Hock Boot provides good protection for the horse's hocks as it is made of shock-absorbing neoprene and lined with the well-known FIR-Tech fabric, which has woven ceramic particles that reflect the horse's own body heat and increases blood circulation. This means that recovery periods are reduced, and injuries are prevented.

Catago FIR-Tech is a healing therapy for your horse, working with infra-red technology to increase wellness and recovery from work. It helps to increase the blood circulation, therefore delivering higher levels of oxygen round the body to muscle groups and soft tissues. 

Catago FiIR-Tech Hock Boots are ideal to help prepare and warm stiff joints ahead of exercise, to aid recovery and to provide physical protection against knocks. 

Sold in Pairs.

These hock boots feature Velcro closures without elastic and is finished with smart Catago branding.