Catago FIR-Tech LED Therapy Pad Q27

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Catago FIR-Tech LED Red Light Therapy Pad for Horses

An innovation from Catago, the FIR-Tech LED Light Therapy Pad for Horses combines Red, Infrared and Blue Light for optimal tissue support in one seamless device. 

The Q27 model can be used virtually anywhere on the body and is perfect for the tendons and ligaments of the lower limb. 

FIR-TECH LED therapy supports the regeneration process for muscles, fascia, tissue and nerves as well as triggering the self-healing process. The different wavelengths of the FIR TECH LED products penetrate skin, tissue and muscles in the optimal depth and can promote regeneration for prevention, relaxation and recovery.

  • Integrated, high efficiency Red, Infrared and Blue LED therapy
  • FIR TECH LED pads are the world's first products to integrate seamless LED technology.
  • 1680 LEDs ensure excellent illumination uniformity to eliminate blind spots 
  • Smart knob control with 32 integrated treatment protocols designed to maximise dose dependant tissue responses.
  • Supplied with a variety of elastic straps for use in different areas. 

The Catago LED Therapy Pad for Horses combines visible red and blue light, and invisible near-infrared light. These three wavelengths (630, 460 & 850 nanometres respectively) penetrate to different tissue depths and work in synergy to optimise light application.

The easy to use 'Smart Knob' control is pre-programmed to provide optimal light therapy delivery in every circumstance. Simply chose which programme you need, there are settings for warm-up, recovery, muscle tension, tendons, slight swellings and more. 

Catago FIR Tech LED strips have been developed to eliminate blind spots. All electronic components are double sealed under a glue dome that has been fully tested for durability and bending endurance. 

Supplied with a selection of Velcro straps allowing the pad to be applied to different areas on the horse. 

Suitable for use on humans and dogs too. Note that you should not lie on or cover the LED Light Therapy Pad.


Catago Q27 LED Pad Technical Information:

Box contains: 1 x FIR Tech LED Pad and carry case, 1 x 12V 3500mAh battery and charger, 1 Smart Knob, 3 x 50cm elastic straps, 2 x 80cm elastic straps, 4 x Velcro attachments.

Pad Size: 46cm x 36cm

Battery lasts up to 2.5hours, this is 4-6 treatments depending on the chosen settings. 

960 LED lights per meter with a total of 1680 LEDs distributed over 1.75 meters (840 Red, 420 Infrared & 420 Blue). This is a very high concentration of LEDs designed to ensure more even and effective light delivery across the therapy area. 

Wavelengths: 460nm blue, 630nm red and 850nm infrared.

Electrical power 27 Watt. 


"The FIR-Tech LED pads are devices which help improve my horses’ performance and wellbeing and I incorporate their use into their daily routine. Straight out of the box, the LED pads are intuitive to use. The smart knob control system gives easy access to the menu of pre-set programmes, simply turn and press to select a function and it’s ready to go. I use the pads on many areas of my horses and find they are fully adjustable as the different velcro straps supplied allow the LED pads to be secured exactly where I wish to treat.” 

Anna Kasprzak, Olympic dressage rider 


*Our note on the Catago FIR Tech LED Therapy Pad for Horses: This product has been some time in development and Catago are incredibly passionate about it. It has been extensively researched with a goal to providing effective LED therapy that is suitable and practical for lay users as well as therapists. This smaller pad is ideal for use on tendons and for higher strength, localised treatments anywhere on the body.