Catago FIR-Tech Mask for Horses

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Catago FIR-Tech Mask for Horses

The Catago FIR-Tech Mask is an effective horse riding mask which has been carefully designed to increase blood circulation and relieve tension for your horse. Extremely popular with show jumpers, the FIR-Tech Mask is made from a polyester and ceramic clay fabric which reflects the body heat of your horse and creates Infra-red rays. This then increases your horse's blood circulation and relieves tension, which results in a natural calming effect to help your horse to focus. 

The Catago FIR-Tech Mask is the ideal accessory to utilise if you have a horse who is tense, nervous or stressy, to help them focus on the job at hand. 


  • Made from a therapeutic soft stretch fabric 
  • Designed to enhance your horse's well-being
  • Utilises ceramic clay and Infra-red ray technology
  • Creates a natural calming effect
  • Helps the horse to focus
  • Has been shown to have a positive effect on horses with sinus infections