Catago FIR-Tech Pro Heated Back Warmer

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The Catago Fir-Tech Pro Backwarmer is ideal for the wellness and relaxation of your horse either before or after exercise. The Fir-Tech pro back warmer is recommended to use before training to prepare the horse's back, so that muscles and tendons are supple before the training starts. After training, the back heat can be used again to help the muscles relax and recover.

The Active Infrared unit reaches core temperature quickly and provides a constant Long-wave infrared heat paired with active Carbon Fibers to help stimulate and promote self-healing.

The Catago Fir-Tech Pro Backwarmer can be used before training to prepare the muscles and tendons in the horses back to help elevate performance and preventing injury. However, the Catago Fir-Tech Pro Backwarmer is also recommended to use after exercise as it encourages recovery and helps the horse to relax. Long-wave Infrared Radiation results in an increase of bloodflow to the area which helps to remove tension and speed up the recovery process.

Complete with extremely adjustable Velcro straps and 3 different levels of intensity.

  • Active Infrared Heat can be adjusted in 3 levels to ensure the most convenient experience.
  • Can be used on horses and ponies of all sizes.
  • Longwave Infrared Radiation significantly helps to increase the blood flow and reduce tension.
  • Stimulate and promote the self-healing processes.
  • Can be used before or after exercise.
  • To obtain maximum battery life, charge the battery for a full 12 hours before first use.
  • During charging, use and storage, ensure ambient temperatures of +5degrees C to +40degrees C (this is printed on the battery packaging). Consistently cold temperatures can shorten battery life.
  • Typical battery life is approximately 50 minutes per charge.
  • Safe to use with a Two Pin Plug Adapter.