Catago Hybrid Dressage Boot

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The Catago Hybrid Dressage Boot is a functional and breathable boot with a great fit. The hard yet flexible plastic shell provides great protection whilst the perforated neoprene lets excess heat escape from the leg.

The Catago Hybrid Dressage Boot is lined with functional Hybrid fabric with Graphene print. Graphene makes the fabric thermo-regulating. This helps to distribute heat from your horse’s leg all over the fabric surface to avoid cold or hot spots. The fabric is also very breathable and allows excess heat to escape. It is anti-static and anti-bacterial.

Catago's specialist Hybrid also has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning that it offers high durability and shape retention in a very lightweight fabric. 

The boot is held in place by four elastic straps with pin hook fastenings.

*Our note on Hybrid Dressage Boot: These boots were recommended to us for their fit by a dressage rider that we work with. We like their lightweight, streamlined feel. Having tried them on horses of our own we found they are not suitable for heavy boned animals but the twinkle toes among your herd will love them!

Sizing: a small, fine-limbed horse would wear a medium in front and a large behind. 

We tried these on a 16.3hh Irish Sport Horse with 9 ¼ inches of bone (measured 1 inch below the knee on the foreleg) and the large was usable but a little too small. The extra-large would be perfect for her in front.