Catago Hybrid Tendon Boots

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Catago Tendon boots with Smart Hybrid Fabric

New for 2023, Catago Hybrid Tendon Boots offer excellent protection in a flexible and highly breathable jumping boot. 

Catago Hybrid Jumping Boots are lined with functional Hybrid fabric with Graphene print. Graphene makes the fabric thermo-regulating. This helps to distribute heat from your horse’s leg all over the fabric surface to avoid cold or hot spots. The fabric is also very breathable and allows excess heat to escape. It is anti-static and anti-bacterial.

Catago's specialist Hybrid also has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning that it offers high durability and shape retention in a very lightweight fabric. 

*Our note on Catago Hybrid Tendon Boots: A big upgrade on previous Catago tendon boots and this time we think they've come up with a really good jumping boot at excellent value. They're really breathable and lightweight, flexible and look smart.