Cryochaps Absolute Ice Wraps Pair

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Cryochaps Absolute Wraps are a versatile ice boot for horses that can be applied to the pastern and hoof, knee or hock. 

Cryochaps Absolute Warps horse leg cooling boots have been developed to mimic ice bath therapy, otherwise known as cold water immersion or cryotherapy. Icing is commonly used among human athletes recovering from exercise. Furthermore, it is also an established practice when dealing with an injury. Our cooling horse leg wraps have been designed to help in the rehabilitation after injury to be part of your horse’s everyday cool down routine. 

Product Features of the Absolute Wrap Cooling Boots

  • Ease of Application: One leg wrap will fit either the front or hind leg. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is designed to fit knees, hocks and pasterns
  • Ice and Compression: Our cooling boots provide both
  • Reusability: Simply allow the leg wraps to defrost before laying flat and putting back in the freezer
  • Easy Clean: Cryochaps are easy to wipe clean after use
  • Quick Freezing: Simply lay the leg wraps flat in the freezer, ready for next time
  • Fast Acting: Our cooling boots provide quick cooling of the horse’s leg
  • Full Coverage: Our horse leg wraps are designed to offer full coverage of the hock, pastern or knee

Supplied in pairs, suitable for use on front or hind limbs. One size.