eQuick eAirshock Tendon Boots

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eQuick eAirshock Front Tendon Boots

eAirshock Front Tendon boots with a new redesigned shell and shape, the inner part uses a combination of 3D mesh and ventilated neoprene, giving them a fresh look from the inside, enhanced lightness, and comfort combined with effective air circulation.

The ventilated outer shell features stylish air inlet with three outlets on the other side protected by a grid, allowing efficient airflow inside the tendon boot. 

The eFluidGel technology has been redesigned from eQuick's original eShock: the protections are significantly narrower than the classic eShock achieved by changing the shape of the shell that contains the liquid. Despite this change, they offer the same level of protection, making them about 3 times safer in case of impact compared to other market offerings.

They are 32% lighter than the previous eShock model. 

Made in Italy.

*Our Note on eAirshock Tendon Boots: new for 2024 the eAirshock is a much improved evolution of the original eShock Tendon Boot being notably more breathable and lightweight. A perfect combination with the popular eQuick Evo fetlock boots.