eQuick eFreestyle Dressage Brushing Boots

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The eQuick eFreestyle Brushing Boot is a highly protective, luxury brushing boot. They are soft and adhere perfectly to the leg to protect the most vulnerable areas from trauma and bruises, whilst allowing freedom of movement around the fetlock joint. 

The stunning, unique design provides exceptional comfort.

The eFreestyle features long lasting, artificial sheepskin which is animal friendly, easy to clean and quick drying. It will also retain its softness and colour for much longer than real sheepskin. 

The front boot is secured with two wide, elasticated straps. The eFreestyle Hind is taller and features three elastic straps. 

 Available in black or white.

Supplied in a reusable drawstring carry bag. 

*Our note on the eQuick eFreestyle Dressage Brushing Boots: 

Dressage riders will love the soft, high tops that will help prevent bangs to the knees, without having to use bandage pads. This top is completely soft, so it will not restrict your horse's knee 

The eFreestyle is finished in an artificial leather material which looks smart, will stay clean and won’t become heavy in wet weather

Whether you are looking for a dressage boot or the ultimate ‘wow’ brushing boots, these are for you.