eQuick eShock Legend Tendon Boots

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eQuick eShock Legend Tendon Boots are anatomically shaped to wrap around the horses tendon protecting from injuries and ensuring comfort.

eQuick use their exclusive patented eFluidgel technology in the strike zone of the eShock Legend. The special bubble in the shell greatly reduces impact to the horse’s leg due to the shock absorbency of the air and gel compression zone. 

The outer shell is reinforced TPU with eQuick’s ‘Free Torsion System’ to ensure freedom of movement when jumping. eShock Legend Tendon Boots are lined with neoprene, with a  soft Lycra edging to prevent sores from rubbing.   

Closure is with two elastic straps with pin hook fastening and easy grip tips.  Made in Italy Hand Wash at 30 degrees. Supplied in an eQuick box.  

Pairs with: eShock Legend Fetlock Boot or eShock Legend Velcro Fetlock Boot (Young Horse)

*Our Note on eQuick eShock Legend:

If you love eQuick but aren’t quite ready to embrace the ‘blue bubble’ strike zone then the eShock Legend is for you! It is a super smart tendon boot but still noticeably eQuick.

eShock Legends are surprisingly lightweight – from photos they look like they would be a heavier choice, but it is not the case.