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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Close Contact Turnout Mudfever Boots

Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps are breathable turnout boots which are great to help protect horses’ legs from mud, wet and cold in the field.

• Offer maximum coverage against dirt and mud
• Save precious time in the winter months with less cleaning
• Maintain healthy skin, providing a breathable barrier from the winter elements
• Allow your horse to move freely in the field with their flexible, soft material with 4-way stretch

Equilibrium Close Contact Chaps are close-fitting turnout boots made from perforated neoprene. This highly breathable material helps the legs to cool and the skin the breathe.

The four-way stretch fabric is essential for a good and comfortable fit. Equi-Chaps are designed to stay in place without pressure points, maintaining a tight barrier against mud whilst also being comfortable for your horse to wear for long periods.  

Sold in pairs.

Please check the size guide in the pictures to get the correct fit.

Why do the Close Contact Equi-Chaps fit so far down the leg?
For maximum coverage and protection from the elements, the Close Contact Chaps extend from below the knee/hock all the way down to the coronet band. This means the correct size is essential to ensure the entire lower leg is protected.

Do the Close Contact Turnout Boots also provide protection in the field?
The Close Contact Chaps are designed as a breathable barrier against mud, they only provide very light protection from brushing and overreaching. 

How long can I leave Equi-Chaps on my horse for?
Equi-Chaps are designed to be comfortable and can be worn overnight. If using your Equi-Chaps for prolonged periods you should check your horse regularly to ensure that their legs are remaining dry and comfortable.

Please note, these boots are not suitable for horses with a neoprene allergy.

Caring for your Equi-Chaps Close Contact Turnout Boots: The cleaner you can keep your Equi-Chaps when placing them onto your horses’ legs, the better! Machine washable at 30 degrees. Most days you will simply hose your boots off when your horse comes in from the field. Quick drying for use every day. Having a second set of Equi-Chaps on standby can help if the weather is particularly bad and you are not able to dry your boots effectively.