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Equilibrium Hotspot Massage Mitt - Handheld Heated Massage Pad for Horses

Target, soothe and relax your horse's hardworking muscles with comforting heat and massage in this lightweight, hand-held mitt.

Offering comforting heat and massage options, the Equilibrium Hotspot massage heat pad soothes and relaxes your horses hardworking muscles.

  • The choice is yours – pick from heat and 2 different types of massage.
  • Tailor the massage with 3 different strengths.
  • Fits into your daily routine with a 10-minute programme.
  • There’s no muscle you can’t reach.
  • Battery operated to take it with you wherever you go.
  • 2 year guarantee

Plus – the Equilibrium Hotspot Massage Mitt is not just for horses, you can use it on yourself too!

Contains: 1 x Mitt Hotspot, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Battery, 1 x Equilibrium Charger.

    The Equilibrium Hotspot will run approx. 10 x 10 minute heat and massage sessions from a fully charged battery (based on the high massage setting). To prolong the life of your battery, please disconnect when not in use.


    Benefits of Massage include:

    • Helps maintain healthy blood and lymph circulation.
    • Soothes tired muscles.
    • Supports recovery after exercise.
    • Promotes relaxation.


    Benefits of Heat include:

    • Helps maintain good oxygen supply to muscles.
    • Encourages muscle relaxation.
    • Increases flexibility.
    • Great for sensitive horses 


    Who is the Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot Heat Pad for?
    All horses and ponies could certainly benefit from the Massage Mitt, including those

    • At rest/retirement.
    • In work from hacking to competition. This includes horses returning to work or retraining.
    • For older horses.
    • Horses on box rest, standing in for long periods of time or on limited turnout.

    How do I care for my Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot?
    The Massage Mitt Hotspot just needs a gentle wipe down with a damp, clean cloth if the material gets scurfy. For Battery and Charger care, please see their safety instructions included in the packaging.