Kentucky Absorb Working Bandage Pads 40cm (set of 4)

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Kentucky Working Bandage Pad keep the legs dry by absorbing sweat. Thanks to the breathable fabric they offer better air circulation to prevent over-heating, making them ideal for exercise. Their larger size means that they are also useful for stabling.

These non-slip pads offer great cushioning against the skin to protect against impacts.

Sold in a set of 4. 

Machine washable, designed sustain regular washing.

Size: 45cm (wide) x 40cm (height)

White pads are black on reverse side.

*Our note on Kentucky Absorb Bandage Pad: We love these pads. The foam is almost springy, making it very conforming and unlikely to bunch. The perforated outer feels suede like, it is incredibly comfortable and helps to prevent slip.