Kentucky Air Tendon Boots

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Kentucky Air Tendon Boots are a lightweight boot with gel protection and ventilation.

The tough outer shell casing of extremely light, yet strong, moulded TPU is able to flex with your horse’s movement.

The tendon areas are reinforced with Kentucky’s unique Protek Impact Gel to maximise protection, while intelligent ventilation holes help prevent overheating. A perforated neoprene lining offers cushioning and breathability.

These tendon boots feature a higher cut out design than traditional tendon boots to allow total freedom of movement around the pastern area. Consideration is also paid to give optimum freedom and comfort to the splint bone, so that horses are able to flex the knee without interference.

Open-front Velcro fastening.

Machine Washable.

Pairs with: Kentucky Air Fetlock Boots, Kentucky Young Horse Fetlock Boots, Kentucky Deep Fetlock Boots 

Proteck Impact Gel: More technical than your standard gel, Proteck Impact Gel is pliable but locks on impact. Kentucky claims that their gel can disperse a blow which would break human bone and improves impact absorption by 50% compared to other boots.

*Our note on Kentucky Air Tendon: Great value for money, Kentucky’s Air Tendon Boot delivers gel protection and air vents for breathability, which is unusual at this price point. We love the strong but supple moulding which is the same as you will find on Kentucky’s premium Tendon Boots Elastic.