Kentucky Recuptex Magnetic Bandage Pads (Pair)

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Kentucky Magnetic Bandage Pads Recuptex offer great protection to your horse’s legs, combined with the intelligent material Recuptex.

Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology, Kentucky Recuptex Magnetic Bandage Pads contain the finest inox yarn (a stainless-steel fibre) that is woven into the fabric. It creates a Faraday cage which reflects the magnetic fields created in the horse’s body. This stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow which heals, reduces swelling and inflammation and enables faster healing of micro fractures.

Ideal for horses prone to arthritis, tendon injury or poor circulation. It also accelerates the recovery process for use after strenuous work.  

Start using the Magnetic Bandage Pads Recuptex for a few hours before putting them overnight so your horse can get used to the tingly feeling it can provoke.

Use underneath a basic stable bandage.

Machine washable at 30°.