Kentucky Repellent Stable Bandages (set of 4)

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Kentucky Repellent Stable Bandages are knitted and made out of a smooth fibre to repel shavings. The Repellent Stable Bandages are very easy to clean, making them a welcome addition to any yard.

Repellent Stable Bandages are extremely breathable and feature a heavy-duty Velcro Fastening. They can be used with Kentucky’s quilted Stable Bandage Pads - ideal for the stable or traveling - and also with their Working Bandage Pads.

Sold as a set of 4 and supplied in a zipped case.

Machine washable 

Size: 4m x 14 cm

*Our Note on Kentucky Repellent Bandages: Kentucky describes their repellent bandages as knitted but they have a very different feel to wool or fleece bandages. They are completely smooth and do not have that ‘woolly-knit’ texture, which is why they do not pick up straw and shavings.