Kentucky Bamboo Shield Tendon Boots

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After 3 years of testing, the Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Boots Bamboo Shield set new standards in horse leg protection. As a company that strives to source sustainable materials, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo has the best tensile strength and also avoids penetration of sharp objects. Thanks to great results from testing, the bamboo shield is now used to protect the horse’s tendon area.

The Kentucky Bamboo Shield Tendon Boots are made out of a tough durable TPU shell with multiple ventilation holes which will help keep your horses legs cool during exercise.

In Kentucky’s own in house testing laboratory, the Tendon Boots Bamboo Shield withstood a strike from an axe blade of 80 newtons falling straight down on the horse boots. Although this can not be compared to any other test, this demonstrates the protection level that the New Kentucky Tendon Boots Bamboo Shield can provide.

The shape and cut is developed to maximize movement for sport horses and should not be overlooked.

The boots are currently available in both full size (M) and extra full (L), in both black and brown.