Veredus E-Vento Front Cross Country Boots

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Veredus E-Vento Cross Country Boots - Front

The Veredus E-Vento Front is a lightweight, flexible cross country boot which moulds to your horses leg. The boot has double ventilation; heat released from the horse’s leg passes through the micro-perforated neoprene layer and is distributed in the middle layer of 3d mesh ducted fabric. Air is then tunnelled out through air vents on the boots outer as the horse moves.

The inner layer of Mircroperforated neoprene AEROX allows the horses’ skin to breath, avoiding sweating and overheating of the tendons.  The outer layer consists of shock absorbing polyurethane foam to help reduce the shock felt during high impact during cross country.

Veredus E-Vento cross country boots are waterproof and do not retain water, meaning they stay dry across country. They are lightweight and allow freedom of movement and flexibility to the horse as he jumps.

E-Vento Front Cross Country boots have three Velcro straps; the bottom strap is elastic to allow flexion of the fetlock.

*Our note on Veredus E-Vento Front: The riders we have spoken to who use Veredus always commend the E-Vento for not spinning and slipping. We also like the fastening system, the lower strap being elastic for ease of movement.

It is worth noting that size large is only fractionally longer than the medium but is bigger in circumference for slightly larger boned horses.