Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Tendon Boots

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Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Front Tendon Boots

The Kevlar Gel Vento Tendon Boot includes a Kevlar® protective layer. This synthetic material is lightweight, impact resistant, hard wearing and five times stronger than steel. The horse’s limb is also protected by a NitrexgelTM shock absorber film.

This Kevlar® tendon boot is extremely breathable. The double density shell features an air inlet at the bottom and extractor flue at the top to draw heat away from the tendon. This boot boasts double ventilation with a 3D mesh ducted fabric middle and micro-perforated neoprene AEROX inner.

The anatomically shaped shell comes with elastic quick release tip fastening for ease of use and freedom of movement for the horse. 

Pair with: Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Fetlock Boots or Kevlar Vento Young Jump Boots

*Our note on Veredus Kevlar® Gel Vento Tendon Boot: It is surprising how lightweight these boots are. The Kevlar range is an alternative to the market leading Carbon Gel Vento with all the same features but with Kevlar® in place of carbon and gold detailing.