Veredus Safety Bell Overreach Boots

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Veredus Safety Bell Overreach Boots

The original Safety Bell from Veredus are highly impact absorbing and lightweight overreach boots designed for jumping and cross country. 

Veredus Safety Bell Boots provides 360 degree coverage for hoof and soft tissue protection from overreach injuries.

The Bi-Tech synthetic outer shell is waterproof, and also tear, rip and puncture resistant, while the lycra-lined neoprene padding provides shock absorption, making these overreach boots a durable and protective option for your horse.

The Aqua shell provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture, reducing the risk of rubs and ensuring the boots will not become heavy in damp conditions.

Secured by hardwearing double Velcro straps.

These overreach boots are easily hand washable in cold water.

The front heel bulbs are one of the most delicate part of the horse and often, especially on the landing phase of the jump, they can be 'overreached' by the hind shoe. Safety-Bell effectively protects the heel bulbs from accidental impacts.

  • Shock absorber function
  • Freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort
  • Excellent fit: remains well positioned and stable on the hoof
  • Velcro closure