Zandona Carbon Air Techno Fur Fetlock Boots

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Zandona Carbon Air Techno Fur are Zandona’a best fetlock boots with an ultra-soft, artificial sheepskin lining to provide great comfort for sensitive horses.

The strike zones of the Carbon Air are reinforced with carbon fibre to provide incredible strength, while a generous layer of Gel-Tech padding absorbs impact.

The anatomic TPU structure is designed to perfectly conform to your horse’s leg, with differentiated thickness to optimise performance. The cut-away Flex Zones ensure freedom of movement.

Air inlets allow cooling air to flow through the boot to prevent over-heating.

Closure is with two elastic pin-hook straps. The tabs are finished with an easy-grip ridge for ease of use.

100% made in Italy.

*Our note on Zandona Techno Fur Fetlock Boot: If you are looking for a top end boot, these are well worth your consideration. Zandona’s sizing is a big advantage. They provide four horse sizes; each is made with its own mould for quality and fit.

The closure tabs have a notable rubber ridge on the end which makes them much easier to grip with gloves or in the rain.