FEI & British Showjumping Fetlock Boot Rules 2022

Posted on January 01 2022

Fetlock Boot Rules British Showjumping 2022


If you are competing at affiliated shows, it is necessary to ensure that your boots comply with British Showjumping and/or FEI rules in order to compete. Fetlock boots in particular come under close scrutiny and failing to comply with the latest rules will result in elimination.

Please note that this article is intended for guidance only. It is always your responsibility to ensure that you have read your rule book and use the correct equipment. If you are unsure, we advise that you check your boots with the ring steward before competing.


Young Horse Boots 

Young Horse Fetlock Boots

Young Horse boots are permissible under all rules, both British Showjumping and FEI, for all classes. If in doubt, they are your safe choice. 'Young Horse' boots are the only fetlock boots allowed for the following classes.


British Showjumping:

  • All Young Horse competitions
  • All Age competitions (Senior & Juniors)
  • All National pony competitions
  • Club, Just for Schools & Academy 
FEI: All International Young Horse classes (Five, Six, Seven and Eight Year Old classes).


Young Horse Boots are designed to meet the following FEI and BS requirements:

The total weight of leg protection per leg must not exceed 500g

A single protective element on the inside only of the fetlock boot

A maximum interior length of 16cm

A minimum exterior width of 5cm (Young Horse Boots have a single, wide strap)

The inside of the boot is smooth with no pressure points

Non-elastic, Velcro fasteners without hooks, buckles or clips.

Additional protection for the pastern area is allowed but it must be pliable and clearly intended for protection only.





All other British Showjumping (new for 2022) & FEI Affiliated Competition 

FEI Fetlock Boots

All of our manufacturers are careful to make boots suitable for competition. There are a few exceptions that you should be aware of. In particular, you must avoid:

Velcro fasteners with a single strap of less than 5cm or two straps less than 2.5cm each.

Boots that have a fastener that is able to double back on itself or wrap around the entire boot. Look out for boots with the loop through buckles and Velcro straps; these have only recently been disallowed and are still widely on sale. 

Note also that double shelled boots (boots that encase the fetlock) must have elasticated straps.


The following boots are no longer allowed for BS & FEI competition:

Kentucky Moonboots Velcro (old style) - double back Velcro strap

Veredus Pro Jump Short Velcro - single non-elastic strap under 2.5cm & double back Velcro strap

Veredus Pro Jump Velcro - double back Velcro strap

Zandona Carbon Air Velcro - double back Velcro strap




Please ensure that you have read the latest boot rules before competing. 

This article was last updated in January 2022.

View the British Showjumping Fetlock Boot visual guide here


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