The New Veredus Absolute Boot Range

Posted on January 13 2022

The New Veredus Absolute Boot Range


Veredus Absolute
Veredus have always been the ‘must have’ jumping boots. The new Absolute range is the latest in their continued development. Last year we saw the release of the Absolute Dressage Boot, this has now been followed with two new Absolute Jumping Boots. 


Veredus Absolute Jumping Boots are designed to be ‘wider, stronger, safer’ thanks primarily to their inverted Y shaped, extended protection. This provides greater coverage and extends further around the fetlock for better protection. 

The Absolute Jumping Range incorporates the very best, lightweight materials and air vents to help prevent over-heating. The position of these air vents has changed in order to accommodate the newly protective design. You will also notice a wider closure tab on the straps for better handling, as well as a generally updated look. 

Veredus tendon boots at a glance:

Veredus Tendon Boots Models Comparison

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Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute

RRP Tendon - £215.00 Fetlock - £169.00 (2022) Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute

The new Veredus top-dog, the Absolute Carbon Gel includes Carbon fibre infused material to provide incredible strength to the tendon zone.  A thin Gel lining helps to absorb any impact, reducing the amount of force that is transferred through to the limb. 

The matching Absolute Carbon Gel Fetlock boot is suitable for FEI, British Showjumping and British Eventing competition. For 2023 Veredus have released a matching Young Jump fetlock boot, suitable for competition under all rules including young horse and amateur classes. 

Available in black or brown. Medium and Large. 


Veredus Olympus Absolute

RRP Tendon - £149.00 Fetlock - £121.00 (2022) Veredus Olympus Absolute

The Olympus has always been popular as the Veredus entry-level competition tendon boot. The new Absolute version uses the same double density technology, incorporated into the new Absolute design for greater protection and ventilation.

The matching Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boot is suitable for FEI, British Showjumping and British Eventing competition.  For ‘Young Horse’ categories Veredus have released a matching Young Jump Fetlock boot (new for 2023).

Available in black or brown. Medium and Large. 




Also new: Veredus Olympus Vento 

RRP Tendon - £124.00 Fetlock - £93.00  (2022) Veredus Olympus Vento

The original Olympus boot has had a face lift and is now supplied in the iconic Carbon Gel Vento shell. This means that the Olympus now benefits from air vents and a more modern look at an affordable price (no gel or carbon). The 3D mesh ducted fabric also improves breathability compared to the original. 

The matching fetlock boot has had the same Vento upgrade.

Available in black or brown. Medium and Large. 


The Absolute Dressage 

RRP £149 / pair (2022) Veredus Absolute Dressage

The first of the new Absolute range to be released, the Absolute dressage is an incredibly supportive boot designed to combine the benefits of bandaging with the ease of a boot. They have been designed with Olympian, Isabell Werth and are simply gorgeous. 

Available in black or white, with either an elastic pin-hook or Velcro closure. 




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