Incrediwear Equine Explained

Posted on June 03 2021

Incrediwear Equine Explained


Relatively new to the market is the equine range of bandages and pads from American brand, Incrediwear. 

What is Incrediwear Equine?

In a nutshell, Incrediwear is a range of sports therapy products designed to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and improve lymphatic drainage for improved recovery, without compression.

Incrediwear Equine comes in the form of recovery hoof socks and exercise bandages for use on any limb. They can also be used as a cooling solution after exercise or acute injury (but not on open wounds).


How does it work? 

The Incrediwear fabric incorporates germanium and carbon semiconductor elements that release negative ions that are stimulated by body heat. These ions encourage vibrations on a cellular level helping to stimulate blood flow, bringing more nutrients to the area and helping to remove waste products. 

Is Incrediwear Better than other Therapy Options?

The principle with Incrediwear Equine is fundamentally the same as it is in other therapeutic technologies such as magnetic, ceramic and light therapy products. By stimulating the tissue on a cellular level these therapies help to improve circulation.

Which is better? Unfortunately, research is affected by too many variables to draw any useful conclusions as to which therapy might be best. But Incrediwear is supported by published research in humans (86 published papers according to our rep), anecdotal feedback in horses certainly seems positive, and Incrediwear also has some usage advantages. 

Incrediwear for Icing 

Incrediwear has a very clever trick up its sleeve in that it can be used as an effective cooling treatment too. This is a handy solution, especially if you do not have a freezer on your yard for ice boots.

Cooling can be achieved with either bandages or socks. Simply put them on your horse and hose in situ. The fabric reacts with water creating an endothermic reaction, absorbing heat from the surrounding area. For a greater cooling action, Incrediwear socks and bandages can be submerged in hot water (35 degrees) first. This speeds up the reaction and achieves cooling comparable to using cold sports packs. 

What can I use Incrediwear for? 

Use Incrediwear Equine for any condition that involves increased inflammation and heat in the lower limb (conditions that end in ‘itis’). It could be used simply to aid recovery from strenuous exercise or to support long term recovery from lower limb injury. Incrediwear is also useful for puffy limbs, sore shins and may also benefit horses with splints. 

As with any therapy, you should always consult your vet and view Incrediwear as complementary to medical care and management advice.

Incrediwear Exercise Bandages - £95 / pair (£90 pony)

Incrediwear Horse Bandages

Incrediwear exercise bandages are an easy all-in-one solution. They can be used ahead of exercise to help prepare the tendons and ligaments for exercise, they support the limb through work, and then they can be hosed to cool for recovery immediately afterwards. 

Or simply apply after work or acute injury for fuss-free cooling.


Incrediwear Circulation Hoof Socks£75.00 / pair 

Incrediwear Horse Socks

A great solution for the hoof, pastern and fetlock area. Incrediwear socks can be used for extended periods of time but would need to be bandaged over (with a standard stable pad and bandage) to avoid slipping if left on overnight. 


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