Jin Sitrrups from JS-Italia - Buyers Guide

Posted on February 16 2023

Jin Sitrrups Buyers Guide


Jin Stirrups – Innovators of Stirrup Design


Jin Stirrups are expertly made in Italy using the very best materials and craftsmanship. The highest quality aluminium is expertly milled to minimise weight without compromising strength.

Superior colour quality is achieved through anodic oxidation; this hard wearing finish gives a better depth to the colour and is far more resistant to wear than painted stirrups.


(The Original) Jin Stirrup

Jin Stirrup - The Original

The original multi-discipline stirrup available in a range of beautiful colours.

The Jin Stirrup was the first stirrup in the world designed with a 4° inclined bench for improved leg position and comfort. This JS-Italia innovation has set the standard for premium stirrups.

RRP £156.00 (2023)


Jin Dynamik Stirrup

Jin Dynamik Stirrup

The first stirrup in the world to feature a separate left and right footbench, perfectly contoured to minimise joint stress, aid leg position and provide the very best comfort and grip.

The Dynamic is hard anodised, a process used on premium cookware and construction materials to increase strength and wear resistance. It is instantly recognisable by the unique matt grey-black finish.

The Dynamik is primarily designed as a jumping stirrup but is suitable for all disciplines.

RRP £215.00 (2023)


Jin Anatomic Stirrup

Jin Anatomic Stirrup

Featuring JS Italia’s patented Anatomic footbench with separate left and right footbenches, perfectly contoured to minimise joint stress, aid leg position and provide the very best comfort and grip.

The Anatomic’s wide, high-grip footbench offers great comfort and style no matter your discipline and is perfect for jumping.

Available in a range of hard wearing, beautiful colours.

RRP £169.00 (2023)


Jin Prescious Stirrup with Crystals

Jin Precious

A Jin icon, the Precious is the same stirrup as the Anatomic but with the addition of real Swarovski Crystals; a thing of beauty!

Available in all black or black with aluminium tread.

RRP £239.00 (2023)


Jin Dressage Stirrup

Jin Dressage Stirrup

Designed specifically as a dressage stirrup, this model is an adaptation of the Anatomic and includes the contoured left and right footbenches. These are designed to minimise joint stress, aid leg position and provide excellent comfort and grip.

Developed with International dressage riders, the Jin Dressage Stirrup incorporates a weighted tread that lowers the centre of gravity for better feel and stability.

The footbench is narrower, prioritising elegance over the extra-large grip surface that is preferred for jumping.

The Dressage Stirrup is available in black or aluminium, with or without real Swarovski Crystals.

RRP £209.00 or with crystals £249.00 (2023)


Jin Air Stirrup & Jin Air Junior

Jin Air Safety Stirrup

The Air is based on the Jin Anatomic Stirrup with the addition of a unique, patent protected safety arm.

The Jin Air Stirrup provides an innovation in safety that does away with the failures of collapsing, breakable and jingling parts. Instead, the Jin Air ensures that the arm of your stirrup is always in place, providing firm support at its base. Rather than failing under pressure, the polyurethane arm flexes to allow movement in any direction for improved safety when you need it.

The Jin Air Stirrup benefits from the Anatomic footbench, uniquely contoured for the left and right feet to improve leg position, minimise joint stress and offer perfect comfort and grip.

The wide, high-grip footbench is ideal for jumping but offers great comfort and style no matter your discipline.

RRP £229.00 or Junior £169.00 (2023)


Jin Evol Endurance Stirrup

Jin Evol Stirrup

Made from quality plastic with an aluminium bench, the Evol is for those who want a light and comfortable stirrup without sacrificing grip and stability. Favoured by endurance riders.


RRP £106.00 (2023)




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