Choosing the Best Safety Stirrups

Posted on February 15 2023

Choosing the Best Safety Stirrups


We’ve been searching for an effective safety stirrup that we’d be happy to wear for any discipline, with JS-Italia we think we’ve found the best safety stirrup on the market.


Common Safety Stirrup Fails

Safety stirrups have been around for some time. We speak with riders of all levels on a daily basis and the same few complaints always arise...

The safety leaver collapses at inappropriate times, leaving your foot unsupported. This may increase the risk of a fall and leaves a potentially dangerous arm hanging down.

Even worse is when the leaver does not collapse during a fall. This occurs because the collapsing mechanism is a basic one way leaver. If the force is not applied in the expected direction then the leaver may not be able to release.

Another common problem reported to us is that of rattling and breakable parts. Safety stirrups have points of failure that can wear, break or seize-up with time, especially if their quality is unreliable.

Safety stirrups are often bulky and ugly.


Introducing the Jin Air Stirrup

We think the Jin Air from JS-Italia is the best safety stirrup on the market and here’s why….


Jin Air Safety Stirrup Best Arm Design

The Best Safety Design

While no stirrup is ‘guaranteed’ for safety, the Jin Air Stirrup is equipped with an innovative, patented design that avoids the obvious pitfalls of the standard collapsing arm.

JS-Italia’s unique safety arm always remains in place, no break-force required and no accidental collapsing. While the base remains firm, the arm is able to flex. This improves safety by allowing the foot to be released from any direction.  


Perfect Anatomic Support

Anatomic Safety Stirrups

Jin Air Stirrups also benefit from JS-Italia’s unique Anatomic footbench. JS pioneered the 4° inclined bench, setting the standard for premium stirrups. Their newest models are contoured both front-to-back and left-to-right, helping to improve leg position and comfort. They are the only stirrups in the world to offer individual right and left foot support.  

The wide, high-grip tread ensures that you maintain the best contact with your stirrups.


The Best Safety Stirrups for Colour

Safety Stirrup Colours

Jin Sitrrups are available in an array of beautiful colours. The process of anodisation is used for a higher quality finish with greater resistance to wear and chipping compared to standard painting.

New for 2023 are the Black (with a black footbench) and Flouro editions.



Jin Air Safety Stirrups are precision made in Italy by JS-Italia. They use the highest quality aluminium to reduce weight without compromising on strength. The Jin Air safety arm is made from highly durable polyurethane that should never need to be replaced.


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