Kentucky Air Brushing Boots

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Kentucky Air Brushing Boots are a cost effective, yet stylish, sheepskin brushing boot.

Made with perforated artificial nubuck leather and lined with Kentucky’s well known artificial sheepskin. Kentucky Air Brushing Boots are designed for cost effective luxury, offering comfort, cushioning and breathability. 

Anatomically designed with two secure elastic Velcro straps.

Machine Washable.

Sizes: Small - small horse front.  Medium - small horse hind or horse front. Large - horse hind or large horse front.

Artificial Sheepskin: As soft and conforming as real sheepskin, Kentucky’s artificial sheepskin is formed using a knitted base layer to improve breathability. It is also far more washable than real sheepskin.

*Our note on Kentucky Air Brushing Boots: If you have champagne tastes and lemonade budgets these are a great solution! You can enjoy the design and feel of Kentucky but at a lower price point.