Choosing the Best Jumping Boots - Buyers Guide

Posted on January 26 2022

Choosing the Best Jumping Boots - Buyers Guide


A guide to help you choose the best jumping boots (prices accurate as of Jan 2022).

The best boots for jumping are tendon boots for the front legs and fetlock boots for the hind legs. These are designed to offer exceptionally high impact absorption, minimal weight and maximum freedom of movement.


Start with the Best Brands

The market is awash with jumping boots with some fabulous and pricey options, mid-priced alternatives, and cheaper copycats which are generally best avoided.

To answer which is the best jumping boot depends on affordability, fit and the level of your horse is jumping at. The main jumping brands offer a range of boots that cover a variety of needs and price points; getting a feel for the brands will help you decide.

In our experience, it is better to go for a more simple boot from a well-reputed brand than to select features over quality. We only stock tried and tested boots, so any selection from DiClass will be a good one!

Veredus Logo

  Veredus Jumping Boots 

Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots

Undoubtedly the best jumping boots come from Italian specialist, Veredus. You will not find more beautifully made boots offering lightweight performance and a great fit. Unsurprisingly, the compromise here is that Veredus is the most expensive brand on the market and we have seen considerable price increases since Brexit. 

The Veredus jumping boot range covers every need from a basic training boot (TR Pro Tendon Boot RRP £86.50) to their new Carbon Gel Absolute (Tendon Boot RRP £215). Each tendon boot has a matching fetlock boot,  and ‘Young Jump’ and ‘Pro-jump’ options are also available.  



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Zandona Logo

 Zandona Jumping Boots

Zandona Tendon Boots

Also made in Italy, Zandona jumping boots provide a great alternative to Veredus that will make your Pound stretch a little further. We tend to wear Veredus blinkers in the UK but take a look further afield and you will see that Zandona are every bit as popular among international jumpers.

Zandona are experts in protective sports equipment, offering excellent quality using strong and lightweight materials. Their best boot is the Carbon Air Tendon Boot (RRP £139.90) which comes complete with bells and whistles, while their Action Tendon Boots (RRP £69.90) are our favourite ‘training’ tendon boot and around 25% cheaper than the equivalent Veredus TR Pro.

Zandona offers more sizing options than the other premium brands and is also the only premium brand to produce a Pony Tendon Boot. 



Kentucky Logo Kentucky Horsewear Jumping Boots

Kentucky Tendon Boots

Kentucky is a forward thinking, Belgium company with a reputation for creating iconically stylish horsewear. When it comes to their jumping boots, Kentucky would certainly win the beauty contest.  

Kentucky’s top end Elastic Tendon Boots (RRP £129.99) are sleek, lightweight and ventilated. They feature a unique ProTek impact gel which locks on impact, but it is unclear how this might compare to the strength of the top end boots from Veredus or Zandona.  

Kentucky’s more economical Air Tendon Boots (RRP £73.99) are popular among our customers as they have ventilated zones (unusual among the training lines) and pair with a full matching hind boot that encases the fetlock.  

Kentucky’s biggest limitation is sizing. Their jumping boots are only available in size Full, and we have found this to come up a little smaller than other brands. 

Kentucky is the only of our featured jumping boots that are not made within Europe, but they are not the cheap copycats that you might associate with the ‘made in China’ label.  



Eskadron Logo

 Eskadron Jumping Boots 

Eskadron BootsEskadron is one of the oldest names in jumping boots. While newer brands have perhaps superseded Eskadron, their core range still represents quality and good fit with a well-regarded name. We stock Eskadron’s original Protection Tendon Boots (RRP £41.95) and Fetlock Boots which are a go-to for many professional yards.  

Eskadron are a German brand and most of their boots (including their jumping boots) are made in either Germany or Romania.




eQuick Logo

 eQuick Jumping Boots

eQuick Tendon Boots

eQuick jumping boots are designed and made in Italy and are instantly recognisable by their blue bubble (eShock Tendon Boots RRP £125.00). Not only do they look very cool, but the bubble is also designed to protect your horse’s tendons by absorbing impact. If blue is not your thing, eQuick’s Legend series provides a black alternative for a more traditional look. 

eQuick’s economical eLight range are some of our most popular boots, available with or without fluff, and the matching fetlock boot is suitable for affiliated Young Horse and junior competition.

Also worth a mention is the unique eOverreach Tendon Boot (RRP £159.00). This patent-protected design includes an extension that protects the pastern and heel bulb from overreach injury.  






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